RGW Roclawski Rechtsanwälte



The importance of business contacts between Germany and Poland has considerably increased in recent years and the trade between entrepreneurs carrying out business activity in both countries is still developing intensively. One cannot overlook numerous investments of German companies in Poland and Polish companies in Germany.

Affairs involving international aspects are increasingly important and must be looked into, on one hand from the perspective of national legal systems of individual parties to business transactions, and, on the other, in the light of regulations applicable in the European Union.

Providing comprehensive legal consultancy to companies involved in cross-border trade requires not only thorough knowledge of legal systems of both countries and languages thereof but also relevant experience, understanding of international business processes and specific nature of the Polish and German market in a given line of business.

The aim of our Office is to measure up to expectations of Polish-speaking Clients operating on the German market in the area of professional legal consultancy.

Our chief assets in the area of German Polish legal consultancy:

  • knowledge of German, Polish and European law;

  • fluency in German and Polish;

  • offices in Warsaw and Berlin;

  • power to represent before German (excluding BGH) as well as Polish courts (including the Supreme Court) and administration bodies;

  • long-standing experience of commercial law consultancy involving international aspects (the Law Office RGW in Warsaw has been existing since the beginning of 2007);

  • highly qualified and motivated Team;

  • cooperation with experts in various fields.

Do you plan an investment?

We offer comprehensive legal support in starting business activity and acquiring existing companies. We carry out due diligence, give opinion and draft agreements and articles of association, enter a company in a relevant register of entrepreneurs.

Are you active entrepreneurs?

We advise on current matters involved in carrying out business activity in Poland or Germany. We draft corporate documents, agreements with clients and contractors and general terms of agreements. We conduct ordinary and general meetings of shareholders.

Do you have employees?

We assist in matters involved in establishing and terminating employment relationship with notice and with immediate effect. In case of a labour dispute, we represent employers in negotiations with employees, trade unions and also in proceedings before labour courts.

Does your contractor fail to meet contractual obligations?

We represent parties to a dispute in negotiations in order to settle it amicably and in asserting claims before courts in Germany and in Poland. We assess possible legal risks and suggest the most advantageous solutions. We advise on enforcement of claims in the territory of both countries, Poland and Germany.

Have you been directly affected by acts of unfair competition?

We assist you in issuing a notice to stop violations and taking possible legal action. We give opinion on specific facts of a case according to the German or Polish law taking account of applicable legal instruments of the European Union.

Have you been accused of an act of unfair competition?

We propose possible defence strategies and represent our Clients in extrajudicial and court proceedings. We give practical advice in order to avoid being served further notices to stop violations and bring the offer into compliance with applicable legal provisions.

Are you a party to a public procurement procedure?

On your behalf, we do a review of the terms of reference paying special attention to legality thereof and assess a bid in respect of conformity with established criteria of a tender. We represent entrepreneurs in appeal proceedings and in concluding an agreement with an ordering party.

Do you think of stopping business activity?

We present to you specific possibilities of instituting recovery or liquidation proceedings. We will advise on the need to file a petition in bankruptcy and clarify the principles and course of bankruptcy proceedings in Germany or in Poland.


The Law Office RGW relies on individualized and specialized legal consultancy retaining the highest professional standards.

If you are interested in further information about activities of the Law Office RGW and want to present your case to us please get in touch with our advisers in Berlin or in Warsaw.